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Picture Frames - What will you select?

Our Approach to Picture Framing

With over 800 frame mouldings to choose from,
finding the right frame can seem overwhelming - but we're here to help and guide you.

Regular Frames

If all you need is the basics, we've got you covered. We keep several black, white, and oak profiles in bulk quantities to be able to offer better upfront pricing.

In addition, we keep basic matboard borders, clear glass, and other materials in bulk quantities to be able to offer budget picture framing when needed.

Mid-Range Frames

At this level of picture framing, you'll find the broadest range of black, white, and solid oak styles, as well as metallics and semi-ornate frames.

We keep some of the most popular, everyday styles in bulk quantity to be able to offer quick completion times.

Ornate Frames

For a more classic or premium look, we have a large collection of ornate picture frames, ranging in width from very narrow to very wide styles.

Most ornate picture frames come in black, white, gold, silver, and champagne colours.

Premium Bellini Frames

If you have a taste for the finest quality and most opulent picture framing, Bellini Fine Mouldings are for you. Better thought of as classy furniture than as picture frames., these Italian hand-made mouldings are produced by the finest master craftsmen, whose skills and knowledge have been passed down from generation to generation.

These high-end mouldings are noticeably premium, with options from plain, narrow frames, right up to enormous ornate and semi-ornate styles.

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What our clients say

What a fabulous company to partner with to design and deliver something uniquely special for our Board and Executive Leadership Team to celebrate the ‘end of an era’ with the sale of OZ Minerals. My requests were not an easy ask, but the team went about it without fuss, on time and made it enjoyable too. Well done, Team!

Claire Parkinson,
Integration Executive OZ Minerals

Efficient, reasonably priced and happy to get creative. Dropped off my first piece and picked it up a few days later. Haven't looked back since. The owner is happy to take an abstract idea and run with it - the results so far have been excellent.

Jack Williams

The calibre of work is exceptional.   Would not hesitate to recommend Framing Land Waymouth Street. Always great service topped off with a great character. Would not hesitate in recommending them.

Alex Ben

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